The group of Music Master was created at the end of May, 2004. The idea of formation of group directly belongs to its participants is Andy and Alex. However the generally accepted date of formation of Music Master is beginning of June, and more precisely on June, 6. Exactly at this time two first compositions appear almost simultaneously: "M2" and soon "Replay", which became more popular by the best remix of it.

Through several months after forming the group first album appeared on the world. It was called Electrotechnology. First recorded tracks of the group are presented In album alongside with experienced music group, working in this direction. Several music tracks were recorded directly with such representative.

After that were created 8 new songs among which hits of "Orchestral", "The Real Time" and "I Love Another". "I Love Another" and "Replay" entered in exclusive August collection of popular electronic music of Electro Revolution. A little later appears the european version of the album Electrotechnology, consisting solely of composition Music Master.

An autumn also did not remain out of employment. There are singly of "Organized" on this time, "Hammy" and some other. Tests are failed with a clip on composition of "Hard". Existence of group got up under a question. Alex goes away to creative vacation.

In a winter period activity of group was temporally halted In February of 2005th Alex Music Master abandons finally, commenting it a dire necessity for him. In same queue, promising, that will not remain out of life Music Master.

In spring 2005 a group appeared with new electronic works. In March in Music Master addition: Andy accepted new Dee jay, which was become by Max (DJ NCSB). The first joint composition above which work went during an almost whole month is further written down. A result is justified by time, that was proved by listeners.

Music Master presents an electronic collection of singles on May, 28. Seven songs of group entered in which. Other 13 tracks are the best, chosen a group electronic works of Dee jays and musical groups, workings in this direction. Collection got the name Unexpected. A myth about the output of complete album was blown about as early as March. But, nevertheless, Unexpected became a good gift for the admirers of group.

At the beginning of summer a vocalist (Ann), diluting the electronic rhythms of Music Master, appears in a group. Unfortunately, Ann almost fails to appear with boys on tours, what studies and personal life interfere with. Ann, mainly, works at the record of separate compositions.

At the beginning of summer also written down two absolutely non-standard for creation of group songs (Bell and Dirty Rock). As appeared later, this decision was not very good.

Nearer to August a group goes back into the style, but already with more carefully thought out and professional approach, more various and difficult, however by no less hit songs.

In next year album Make it Happen appears in world from Music Master. It contains in their own electronic rhythm some of deep phylosophy to thoughts. The same name composition was created and recorded with group GT B.C.S., which repeatedly took part in creative activity known foreign group such as Benassi Bros. Besides in this time for radio and in the Internet passes the extended advertisment to dance composition Come On from the album.

In 2009 was performed 5 years since moment of the basis of the group. This date could not remain unespied. In spite of the fact that on the strength of creative crisis in 2007 and 2008 was not released nor one new singles, but concert activity of the group was abbreviated before minimum, the current year has signified the appearance to new composition of the group (Under it All). Also accepted decision about issue of the album of the group, where will enter the new track and the best in the opinion of Music Master singles for five-year period of existence of the group.

Today Music Master continues to delight admirers good music in different electronic styles, co-operating here both with by beginners and by professional groups and Dee jays.

Available to bugging new track from Music Master - Under it All

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